Tony Salerno President/Executive Producer, Avellin Productions (colleague)
 “Maggi is a consumate professional. Her attention to every detail of an event, committment to client service, and instinct for what an audience will respond to are the perfect combination of attributes for an event producer. Combine those with her years of experience, warm personality and friendly nature and you'll be hard-ressed to find a better production partner.” April 10, 2009

Scott Hoffman, Senior Account Executive, CBS Radio (business partner)
“Maggi and I have worked closely over the last year in event coordination and client promotions. I have to say by far one of the best hands-on professional people I have had the pleasure of working with. Just a note "thanks for all that you do Maggi looking forward to our next adventure" Scott Hoffman Senior Account Executive CBS RADIO” April 9, 2009

Glenn Melvin, Owner, enKap (business partner)
“Maggi is a consummate pro at event planning. She not only has a commitment to excellence in all phases of event planning, but she also has the ability to critically evaluate top show business talent. She is one of the rare people in business "who gets it."” April 14, 2009

Shawn Krauel, VP/Opps- South Florida Fair & Americraft Expo (client)
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity-“Maggi has worked at the fair handling several acts and running battle of the bands and Starz events and always is great to work with!” October 11, 2009

Greg Fawcett, Vice-President, Marketing Depot USA (business partner)                                                                                                “Maggi is WONDERFUL to work with. Her experience and knowledge of her industry are, on the scale of 1-10, an 11 ;-) I love working with Maggi. She is helpful and knows A LOT of people. She is always willing to offer her valuable suggestions, based on her experience. She really knows her stuff!! If you are considering Maggi for any project, I would not hesitate to think twice. I have an ongoing business relationship with Maggi and always welcome her inspiration! Greg Fawcett Vice President of Marketing Depot USA” January 16, 2008

 christi zumft knight, owner/producer, twochix productions (colleague)
“I have known Maggi throughout the years and have worked directly with her as well..she is a terrrific leader in the industry and it is always great to check in to see what her latest project is. I look forward to the day we work together again- a true professional in the field!!” April 9, 2009

Susan Summons, Founder & Executive Director, Best of the Rest Stars, Inc. (business partner)
“Maggi provides high energy services with a touch of class,entertainment, zest and showmanship!- She is brilliant and a tremendous leader in the entertainiment industry. SOR Entertainment is the best....When you hire SOR you get excellence and you get results.. I often work with Maggi on seasonal event projects and she is simply an entertainment artist who personifies excellence as an agent!” April 10, 2008

Rita Demier, Creative Services Manager, South Florida Fair & Palm Beach County Expo (business partner)                    “Maggi is one of the most dynamic, committed, creative, multi-talented, "go-get'em" kind of women I know. She is incredibly competent, innovative, creative and passionate about her work. She is so very energetic, fiercly passionate about her ideas and puts them to work. She is also the MOST resourceful person I have ever met in my life. Maggi has an incredible wealth of knowledge when it comes to setting up events! Her creativity and personable touch to connect people, places and things is truly a gift. Maggi is an absolute pleasure to work with...” April 17, 2008

 Alisha Rojas Harrison- Asst. Program Director- Marine Corp Air Station, San Diego, CA  - Expert, Good Value, High Integrity -    “Our center contracted with Maggi and SOR entertainment to provide a Hip Hop workshop and show for our Youth & Teen Center. She pays attention to all the details and is very friendly and knowledgable." April 9, 2009

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