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Enter the streets and subways of New York City, Chicago and Washington, D.C., where street performers have entertained millions all around the world.

Producer Al Fuentes has collaborated with choreographer Mark Lengyel and created a raw, cutting edge experience for audiences of all ages. This original show combines urban bucket drumming with stylish funky street hoofers (tap dancers). 

STREET BEATZ includes raw urban talent, the comedy of the streets, and audience participation to get your guests involved. Most importantly, these shows are guaranteed to make you laugh, dance, clap your hands, and have a good time. So wait no longer, it’s time to bring something new and fresh to your venue. Lose yourself in the rhythmic BEATZ of the STREETZ as the taps and drums create a fun and energetic musical experience like no other!

Street performers have been around for centuries but our shows are designed to keep up with the trends; what’s hot right now! Let us create a hip experience at your next event with the exhilarating BEATZ and rhythm of the STREETZ. 

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